Making your hospitals even better

Colchester Hospitals Charity works to provide many extras that cannot be supplied by the NHS alone, making a real and positive difference to patient care in North East Essex.

Today and into the future

Colchester Hospitals Charity’s aim is to help Colchester Hospital provide you, your friends, your family and neighbours with the highest quality, safe, and compassionate care.


84 year old Cat Woman takes part in our 2017 abseil

Cycle with us from London to Paris

Enjoy this classic European cycle experience and a wonderful challenge.

Welcome to Colchester Hospitals Charity

Virtually everyone who lives in north east Essex and Suffolk borders will have had first-hand experience of services provided by Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust. Many will have experienced the happiest or saddest days of their lives here. However, few are aware of the contribution made to the hospitals by Colchester Hospitals Charity (CoHoC). Since Essex County Hospital was founded in 1820, hospitals in Colchester have been supported by the kindness of the people of north-east Essex. CoHoC continues to co-ordinate and develop the support of the community. Our aim is to enhance and improve patient care by providing grants for projects and services that are over and above those funded by the NHS.

Every donation is greatly appreciated and makes a big difference, enabling CoHoC to enhance the hospital environment, improve facilities and make a big difference to our community.