Knitting and gifts

Many people like to support the Hospital and its patients by giving gifts at special times of year or knitting items for babies and older people.

It’s great to see so much support for our patients, and we really do appreciate all the donations that come in especially around Christmas. However, due to a lack of storage and organisation of the donations (cleaning and sorting of appropriate items) it is not possible to accept used toys during December.

If you have gifts for children to donate please bring them to the Children’s Ward reception. Please attach your name and address to the donation, so we can send you a thank you in the post.

If you have gifts for older patients please contact and we will liaise with our Care of the Elderly matron for an appropriate time for you to deliver them.

For a list of appropriate GIFTS please download a list for adults here and for children here.

For a list of useful knitted items please download a list here.

If you would like to try the sensory band knitting pattern, please download the method here.

‘At present due to safety concerns our neonatal unit does not accept knitted octopuses’