Funeral collections envelope service

Donations in memory of a loved one are an important and meaningful way to commemorate their life. We can provide special collection envelopes for funerals.

If you are arranging a funeral and would like to ask for a donation to a ward or department at the hospital instead of floral tributes, our funeral collection envelopes will make it easier. The envelopes can be made available at the funeral or funeral directors and sent to friends and relatives.


Envelope Funeral


We will acknowledge all donations received in memory of your family member or friend.

If you would like us to send you some personalised collection envelopes, please contact the fundraising office at least 5 days before the funeral using the form below.

Please send the following details:

·         Name of deceased as you would like it to appear

·         Your name

·         Your address

·         Your phone number

·         Date of funeral

·         Name of ward or appeal to benefit

Please include all required information in the message section.

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Email us

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Funeral collections envelope request form


Give a gift in memory online now

If you would like to give a gift in memory, you can do so via our online platform. We appreciate that this is an important decision, if you would like to discuss the gift in memory please do get in touch.

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