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Colchester Hospitals Charity

Colchester Hospitals Charity is one of many NHS charities across the UK, it works to provide many extras that cannot be supplied by the NHS alone, making a real and positive difference to patient care in North East Essex. Colchester Hospitals Charity’s aim is to help Colchester Hospital provide you, your friends, your family and neighbours with the highest quality, safe, and compassionate care – today and into the future.

We do this by:

  • buying patient comforts, such as equipment, toys and books;
  • funding improvements to the hospital environment to make it more welcoming to patients;
  • providing facilities such as a parent room on the Neonatal Unit;
  • funding state-of- the-art equipment;
  • helping staff enhance their skills and knowledge;

It’s these extras – some small, some large – above and beyond the scope of the NHS budget, that really make a difference.

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Your support for our wards

Colchester Hospitals Charity is an umbrella for charitable funds covering over 100 wards, departments and special appeals and we will always ensure that your gifts are earmarked for the part of the hospital as specified by you. Please see our donate page for a list of appeals, wards and departments to support.
Registered charity number 1051504


13198382_1082185975163161_3931918173700906912_oThe fundraising team

Caroline Bates, Head of Charity and Fundraising

Julie Arthur, Fundraising Officer – Community & Events

Penny Norris, Fundraising Officer – Trusts & Major Donors


The charitable funds committee

CoHoC is an NHS Charity with a corporate trustee. The Charitable Funds Committee acts on behalf of the Trust in satisfying the duties and responsibilities of the Corporate Trustee (The Board of Directors) in managing the charitable and other funds held on trust. The Committee has no executive powers, other than those specified in these terms of reference or otherwise by the Corporate Trustee. The committee meets four times a year in February, May, August and November

Chairman: Susan Aylen-Peacock

Director of Finance: Dawn Scrafield

Clinical Representative: Donna Booton

Consultant: Gerald Rix

Company Secretary: Ann Alderton

Public Governor: Andrew May


Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust

The Trust prides itself on giving 21st-century healthcare for a 21st-century population. It provides services to the 370,000 people of north east Essex and cancer services to a further 300,000 people in mid-Essex. The Trust’s services are available at Colchester General Hospital and Essex County Hospital as well as clinics at the community hospitals in Clacton, Harwich and Halstead. Last year our hospitals dealt with:

  • 495,238 Outpatient attendances
  • 78,877 Accident & Emergency patients
  • 91,511 Inpatient and day case admissions
  • 3,769 Babies delivered

The Trust is one of the largest employers in North East Essex, employing approximately 4,200 people. Colchester General Hospital has 562 inpatient beds (general and anaesthetic), 44 maternity beds (including at Clacton and Harwich hospitals) and 13 critical care beds. (This doesn’t include cots or A&E.)

To find out more about Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust Charitable Funds (known as Colchester Hospitals Charity or CoHoC ) please click here.

To read our Annual report and accounts please click here

How your donation makes a difference

CoHoC helps Colchester Hospital University NHS Foundation Trust (the Trust) do more for the patients cared for by the Trust’s staff. There’s often a new piece of equipment, more up-to-date technologies, and newer fixtures and fittings that will improve the patients’ environment. It’s these extras – some small, some large -which are above and beyond the scope of the NHS budget, that really make a difference to patients, and the care that our staff can deliver.


£5 a month could buy non-slip slippers for elderly patients

£15 a month could buy tea and coffee for patients receiving chemotherapy

£50 could help run a support group for patients with a serious illness

£100 could buy a special cushion to help stroke patients

£200 would help to pay for an extra ventilator cot for the Special Care Baby Unit


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