2019 CLUB

2019 Club - Local business transforming cancer care

2019 CLUB – helping to transform cancer care

The Cancer Centre Campaign has now reached a key milestone thanks to a generous £1m gift from a local supporter and there is now less than £400,000 left to raise. The Trust is so confident in the Campaign’s ability to raise the final amount that it has agreed to start construction in 2018 with completion due in 2019, hence the name of the Club. Coincidentally, 2019 is also the 199th anniversary of the laying of the foundation stone of Essex County Hospital – an earlier philanthropic appeal led by local citizens to improve the health and well-being of residents of Colchester and the surrounding area.

To celebrate the Trust’s decision and continue raising the funds needed the campaign has launched the 2019 Club to attract philanthropic and far-sighted individuals who are able to donate or pledge to raise £2019 or more before March 2019.The campaign has asked local businessman, Paul Milsom who is a dedicated supporter of the Cancer Centre to become its Patron. Paul said “I think local businesses could do more to support our hospital. The new Cancer Centre is a resource that will probably affect us all either closely or in a wider circle; the area is crying out for such a facility.”

Paul is joined by and Peter Wilson, Chairman of the Campaign Committee, both of whom have both committed to donate £2019 in addition to their previous donations. They are inviting local business people to support the Campaign by becoming a member of the 2019 Club. Many businesses will benefit from the region’s rising population but by the same token this puts extra pressure on the Hospital and particularly on services such as chemotherapy. Every business has customers, staff and suppliers as well as family and friends who may need to use the services of the Cancer Centre and we all want people close to us to receive the best care in the best possible environment.

These gifts will transform the care of cancer patients by increasing the number of patients it is possible to treat, creating a comfortable and inspiring environment, improving access to support, advice and information and providing a more efficient working environment for staff.
The 2019 Club will last for until April 2019 during which time we want to provide a direct and personal link with the Campaign to our members through a programme of exclusive events
• behind the scenes and tailored tours
• discussions with clinicians and key decision makers
• a chance to meet like-minded people who have also have our hospital at heart

If you would like to join the Cancer Centre Campaign’s 2019 Club please complete the membership form and send it to 2019 Club, Colchester Hospitals Charity, Villa 8, Turner Road, Colchester, CO4 5JL
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Welcome to the 2019 Club
“We will be holding a number of interesting and informative events which will only be available to members of the 2019 Club.” Peter Wilson Chairman, Cancer Centre Campaign